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Zirconia Aluminum Oxide(ZA)
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Zirconia Aluminum Oxide(ZA)

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Source of zirconium corundum

  FUSED ZIRCONIA ALUMINA is FUSED with ALUMINA and ZIRCONIA in an arc furnace at 2000℃.

Classification of zirconium corundum

  According to the content of ZrO2, there are generally low zirconium corundum (ZrO2 10%~15%), medium zirconium corundum (ZrO225%) and high zirconium corundum (ZrO2 40%).

Chemical composition of zirconium corundum

  Zirconium corundum has main crystal phase of alpha -Al2O3, sub-crystal phase of oblique zircon, and a small amount of glass phase.

  Chemical composition (%)


  Acuity 68.020.0-27.0 3.00 1.50 or less or less

Physical properties of zirconium corundum

  Zirconium corundum is characterized by its strong texture, dense structure, high strength and good thermal shock.

Use of zirconium corundum

  Zirconium corundum has good corrosion resistance to melt. As an advanced abrasive material, it can produce high performance heavy load grinding wheel. In addition, zirconium corundum is a kind of high quality refractory material, which is ideal for making high performance sliding and immersion nozzle, and can also be used for making zirconium corundum brick for glass melting kiln.


Brand AL2O3 ZrO2 SiO2 TiO2 Fe2O3
ZA40 50-60 38-44 0.5Max 1.0Max 0.2Max
ZA25 68-72 24-30


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