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Wear-resistant coating manufacturer 7051 magnetic separators dedicated to the use of wear-resistant coating




Wear-resistant coating manufacturer 7051 magnetic separators dedicated to the use of wear-resistant coating

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  The performance characteristics of

  1, bicomponent,  black or blue paste. Can be cured at room temperature, heating curing can get better comprehensive performance.

  2, scratch coating, easy to form, convenient construction. The cured coating has excellent wear resistance and aging resistance.

  3. Excellent wear resistance and impact resistance;  The impact resistance is 3 ~ 5 times of the imported wear-resisting protective agent.

  4. Excellent bonding strength with metal substrate.

  Product use

  The special wear-resistant coating for the 7051 magnetic separator is a kind of high-performance wear-resistant and impact-resistant polymer material,  which is composed of high-performance wear-resistant aggregate (silicon carbide, emery, etc.)  and special polymer materials.

  Used for repairing the wear and tear of drum surface of magnetic separator or making wear and impact resistant coating directly on drum surface.

  Product features

  1. Excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

  2. High bonding strength with metal substrates;

  3. Convenient construction, no high technical requirements for construction personnel;

  Method of use

  1. Surface treatment: roughing the parts to be treated,  grinding with Angle grinder or sandblasting, etc.;  Clean the roughened surface; The treated surface shall be a crude dry fresh substrate surface, and shall be free of oil and dust.

  2. Preparation: mix the components A and B evenly according to the weight ratio of 4:1 and use them up within 30min. Generally, it is configured at the same time of construction.  The maximum amount of configuration at one time shall not exceed 1.5 kg. Too much deployment at one time can make the glue solidify quickly. But according to the actual temperature winter can be appropriate with more,  less appropriate summer.  If the temperature is too low, component A can be heated appropriately to reduce viscosity and facilitate configuration.

  3. Coating: the appropriate coating thickness of 7051 is 2 ~ 6mm.  The mixed materials should be applied to the parts to be repaired layer by layer. This material cannot be machined,  so the coating thickness should be controlled to avoid interference in assembly.

  4. Curing: 25℃ curing for 24 hours can be put into use.  If the temperature is low, heating or extending curing time should be adopted to promote curing; General winter construction can be used to iodine tungsten lamp from the coating 40cm distance for irradiation and heating.

  Packing specification:

  10 kg/group; Plastic drum. Component A: 8kg/ BBL,  component B: 2kg/ BBL;

  Or 20 kg/group; Plastic drum. Component A: 16kg/ drum,  component B: 4kg/ drum.

  Transportation and storage:

  Sealed storage in cool dry place, shelf life 1 year. Avoid inverted transportation,  avoid collision,  according to non-dangerous goods transport.